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Carpet Cleaning Service in East Texas Since 1985

I've been in the carpet cleanin business for thirty-five years now. In my early days, I used large portable machines and a shampooing buffer for all cleanings. At the time, I thought I could do nothing but the best with them. After four years I bought a truck-mounted steam cleaner and that's when I learned that it was the only way to clean. The only thing a rental store cleaner and a truck-mounted steam cleaner have in common is they are both called "carpet cleaners."

A truck-mounted steam cleaner is what we have used for more than thirty-one years because it works! In order to properly clean carpet, you must have these 4 things:

  1. Large Vacuum
  2. High Water Pressure
  3. Heat (at least 180 degrees or higher)
  4. The Best Chemicals

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